Have a puzzling design dilemma?
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Your Personalized Consultation Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Receive expert advice on any design related topic with the "Virtual Design Consultation".

  • You can share photos via email
  • Discuss all things design during two 45 minute pre-scheduled phone sessions.

Most virtual consultations offer a single 1 hour phone call which may leave you feeling pressured to "fit all your questions" into that one block of time. With Sandy's unique format your frustration melts away knowing we will schedule a second call within one week of our initial session.

Some common discussion topics include-

Help with your decorating challenges, getting new design ideas and inspiration, and learning tips and techniques you can use with all your decorating projects.

How does it work?

After payment is received you will be redirected to a confirmation page instructing you to forward your contact information. You will be emailed within 48 hours to schedule our first session.

How much does it cost?

Direct access to a designer could cost thousands of dollars depending on the scope of your project. Get valuable design ideas and advice for a fraction of that cost - From the comfort of your home!

Book Your Virtual Design Consultation including two 45 minute sessions with Sandy for the low price of $99